The Crazy Cycle: A Discussion On Marriage

We all know divorce is a major issue in our culture today, both outside and inside the church. Despite our best attempts at love, many of us find ourselves paralyzed by dysfunction and stuck with unresolved conflict in our marriages. At the very least, we might feel discouraged....feeling like our spouse will just "never understand."

Why do we face these problems? Is there hope for the struggle? What are we missing?

Married couples of Nickel City Church...whether you are struggling through your vows or feel like you're still gleaning the honeymoon phase, come join us for a 2 week study on the marriage relationship! This will be a great time and discussion for anyone. 

 The heart and focus for our group is God's unique design for men and women, and how to be aligned for a successful and happy marriage.

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Hosts: Mark and Nicky Glasgow
Wednesday February 9th and 16th ::: 6pm
North Tonawanda
Married couples of NCC!
*Note: No childcare will be provided, so if you have littles please plan ahead! Grab a babysitter and have a mom and dad's night will be worth it!

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