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Partner. Invest. Impact.

Big faith reaps big results. Thank you for investing in the people of Buffalo, NY!

it's not just a building, it's a battle for buffalo.

 Currently, Buffalo is on the top 25 list of the most unchurched cities in America. What that means is that 46% of our community has no connection to a local church. Think about it...that means nearly half of our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers are not connected to ANY church whatsoever here in Buffalo!

A more recent study shows that Buffalo was also listed in the top 15 cities considered "POST-Christian"...that means not only are people in Buffalo not going to church, but they have lost their faith and walked away from God completely.

We aren't okay with this! 

We know that God desires for people to know Him closely, and to discover their purpose in Him so they can walk in freedom, joy, and MISSION.

That is why we are pursuing a property only a mile away from our current space; one that has more than 4 parking spots, and enough room to grow. Not only in numbers of people, but in our ability to accommodate the expanded vision and mission to which God has called us!
New Building Before Renovations
In our current space, we only have FOUR parking spaces! With the purchase of this new building, we gain a whole parking lot. That means access to parking will be easy and stress free. People and families will no longer feel turned away because they couldn't find a place to park.

A 300 seat auditorium will more than triple our current capacity, creating more space for new faces. We will be able to accommodate more people who will experience God, discover their purpose, build life-giving community, and become equipped to make a difference for Jesus in this city!

Our new Kid's wings will offer more safety and security and accommodate more families! With classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, and more, there will be plenty of space for kids to learn about God, be discipled, and have room to invite their friends! A secure entrance through Kid's Check-in will foster a safe and controlled environment.

A large lobby means more relational space for mingling, making friends, seeing a neighbor, or building life-giving relationships. The lobby will be a place that is warm and welcoming with designated space to stay awhile. This area will provide opportunities for community all week long.

This new building offers room for additional multi-purpose rooms, offices, and more that grants us room to truly be a HUB FOR CHANGE here in Buffalo, NY! 
NCC has always been and will continue to be a place where community, discipleship, and life transformation happen...God is simply leading us into a season where the mission can be expanded!

Because we aren't just called to get through Sunday morning services. God has given us burden to completely shift the spiritual culture of Buffalo, NY. 

Road to renovation

What is impossible on our own, is possible when we all work together!

Goal 1: $150,000 to secure the loan for the purchase of this property  ***GOAL REACHED*** 🎉 
Goal 2: $650,000+ to renovate the space to "move in" ready!

There are two ways people, churches, and businesses can partner...
1.) A one time monetary donation
2.) Pledging a designated amount over time (see giving pledge below)

Currently, the new location is completely gutted! So over the course of the next two years, we will be raising funds and renovating the space as needed with walls, floors, lighting, bathrooms, and so much more.

This seems like a big project...because it is! But we know transforming the city of Buffalo is worth giving generously. 

Rather than looking to simply raise money, we are looking specifically for partners, investors, and visionaries who believe in the mission enough to partner and invest.

This isn't just about brick and mortar, this is about changing lives and transforming this city!

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