NCC Groups Registration

Life Groups and Connect Groups

At Nickel City Church, we believe and have experienced 4 major values that propel us in faith and lead us into a deeper and more genuine relationship with God: Experiencing God, Discovering Your Purpose, Building Life-Giving Relationships, and Becoming Equipped to make a difference for Jesus!

Sunday mornings are important, but these values are cultivated BEST when we intentionally meet, gather, teach, and learn together all throughout the week...home groups and home Bible studies are where it happens!

There's two different groups at NCC:

Connect Groups- 1-3 week groups designed for the sole purpose of CASUALLY CONNECTING people with one another (i.e sisterhood nights, bro brunches, Football Sundays, etc). These are amazing opportunities that create space for meeting new people and getting more connected to the church and one another while having fun!

Life Groups- 3-6 week groups designed to teach you something new about God, equip you to live for Jesus, and help you build life-giving relationships with one another while you do it (The Book of Mark, Spiritual Motherhood, etc)! Life Groups are Bible based groups that create space for more depth, discipleship, and deeper friendship and mentorship.

These groups CAN'T EXIST without people opening up their homes and lives to one another! Sign up below to learn more and start the conversation about what leading a Connect Group or Life Group may look like for you!