Sound & Media

Behind the Scenes Things

You might not always see them, but sound and media team members are always there working hard every Sunday morning and throughout the week! All of our lights, cameras, sounds, music,
lyrics on the screens, and quality live streaming exist because of their commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Whether it’s for connect groups, events, or Sunday morning services, Sound and Media is there- passionate about making sure you have a distraction free place to come worship and experience God. 

Get Involved

The Sound and Media Team Could Use Someone Like YOU!

At NCC, you don’t HAVE to be a computer genius to serve on our media team (but if you are one, that’s certainly appreciated, too)! Most simply, if you have a basic understanding of computers/technology- are reliable, detail oriented, and willing to learn new things…our Sound and Media team can be a great fit for you!

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